Woman shares ‘creepy’ messages from builder after he left halfway through job


A woman who messaged her builder to ask why he had left halfway through the job has shared the exchange online after being stunned by his response.

She explains that she sought recommendations before hiring someone to re-plaster her kitchen, but three days into the job the man had packed up his things and left in the middle of the day.

When she messaged him to ask when he would be coming back to finish the work, she says she received an X-rated reply – which even went as far as to inappropriately proposition her.

Sharing screenshots of the message exchange on the Girlsmouth Facebook group, she said: “So I hired a plasterer through recommendations… 3rd day in after 3 hours he just disappeared, no text, no I’m off, nothing.

“I messaged him this morning to end up with this reply. I was in that much shock I didn’t respond. Any suggestions ladies?

“Silver lining I got half my kitchen done.”

After asking when he would be due to come back and finish the plastering, the man said: “No I’m not coming back,” before saying that if he did he would want to engage in sexual activity with her.

He describes the explicit scenario he would want to happen if he returned and finishes: “So that’s why I’m not coming back cos, I want to do naughty things to you.

“Now if ya up for that then, I’ll come back up. Don’t worry about the money, not bothered about that.”

The customer says she was shocked as she had “only made him a cup of tea a few times in my fluffy PJs” and that he was “old enough to be my dad”, as reported by The Sun.

Her post racked up thousands of replies from people who were equally stunned by his messages, as one said: “Wtf bit of a creep needs reporting.”

A second wrote: “Wow he sounds proper professional and dedicated to his line of work.”