Hideo Kojima is seeking talent for his next project, which could be a PS5 horror


Whatever the project is, Kojima Productions’ careers section isn’t revealing any details beyond the listings for writers, artists, programmers, and more. But we can speculate on what the Metal Gear Solid creator has planned.

One of the more obvious possibilities is a sequel to Death Stranding. The adventure, which arrived on PS4 late last year before hitting the PC in July, may have split opinion among gamers, but it won critical acclaim and sold enough units to secure funding for the next Kojima Productions project.

Back in March, Death Stranding star Norman Reedus revealed that he was “in talks to do other stuff” with Hideo Kojima, including projects related to Death Stranding.

Alternatively, Kojima could be working on a horror title. Konami’s cancelation of the next instalment in the Silent Hill franchise (Silent Hills) back in 2015 was a bitter blow to fans, especially after the playable teaser (PT) hinted at one of the most terrifying gaming experiences ever seen. Kojima might be itching to make up for that disappointment by adding a new entry to the horror genre.

The possibility of a horror game seems even more likely when one considers that Kojima last November said he wants to make the “scariest horror game.”

Whatever the new Kojima Productions game turns out to be, it’ll be designed with the power of next-gen consoles in mind—an enticing prospect for a horror. Don’t be surprised if it’s another PlayStation exclusive, but hopefully, as with Death Stranding, it’ll make its way onto the PC eventually.